Welcome to Aum Studio.

I am a freelance game developer from beautiful South Africa.
Games have always been my passion.

After playing space invaders on Atari 2600 in 1980 my brain was fixed.
A few years later I was gifted a C64 for xmas. Needless to say coding got into my blood. I will never forget the smell of my living room at xmas time and the smell of that new C64.

My Bio

Bernard Bell, 42
South Africa

1991 Grade 12 (std 10 in my day)
1992 Computer Science
1993 Advanced Computer Science
1994 Leaning My Craft in SME + corportate (Databases, solutions, Hardware)
2003 Created my cc "Blackson Software" to enable me to freelance and sub contract
2011 Start to reboot my career into game dev
Present day > still need to take work in both fields > need more game work

Unity became my focus. We work well together. Most recently WEBGL and Photon

Work remotley.

My portfolio is here.

Recent WEBGL Ports:

Below is a list of my WEBGL (browser based) games, free to play.

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Check out many clips from my projects on my YouTube Channel Uploads at