My releases on Google Play

  • Pac-State (Release 2018)

    View on Google Play

    A Pill Maze arcade game. I just love how the philosophy of pacman has become the philosophy of authority.

  • Escape Gravity (Release 2018)

    View on Google Play

    A time based arcade runner, damn hard but pretty.

My releases on Steam

  • Bubble Rush (Release 2017)

    View on Steam

    A Match 3 puzzle arcade gamge.

Latest Virtual Reality Prototypes and experiments in Unity (Occulus GearVR On a Samsung S8)

  • Kart Racer

    Experiments with level contruction, gameplay and scene composition to get at much out of mobile VR

  • Dragons Journey(Working title)

    Trying different methods of camera control, level design and engineering, effects and resource limits for mobile VR

My Client and Colab Projects:

  • Bounty Arms Mobile (Android and iOS)

    2.5d Platformer, I was Lead coder on this colab with Open-Reset from South Africa. Game was published by Kerosene Games.

  • Flying Tigers Tech Demo(UDK)

    Arcade air combat simulator, coder on this colab with Open-Reset from South Africa. Demo was for Legendo Entertainment.

  • Fortunes Deep Mobile (iOs/Android)

    Massively Muliplayer Online Mobile RPG on the high seas. Worked as the network integration and inital game mechanics engineer for player controls / UI Pipeline.

  • Fallen Ops (WEBGL)

    Muliplayer Online FPS Arena. Worked as the Lead engineer for this Alpha version Demo. Also made a cool level!

    Play it on Kongregate FREE
  • Training Simulator (PC / Android)

    Tech demo for a client in ZA, This simulator was designed to create a VR training guide for real-world locations where dangers require strict adherance to policy.

  • Bull Runner (Android / iOs)

    A re-skin project for a private contractor

Solo Projects (Prototypes , Demos , Alphas , Potentials) :

  • Windswept: Futuristic Racing

    Anti-gravity, high speed action. This has always been my test bed for 'Push' Unity, I have kept my testing inline and with polish.

    Download demo from itch.IO
  • Synthoid Messiah: Arise

    3D Puzzle Action

    Download demo from itch.IO
  • Odd War

    experimental MOBA

  • Primal Instinct

    Side scrolling platformer with twin stick aiming

    This was a project I did to learn the UDK environment

  • TerraCon: Shoot em Up

    Multi Scrolling Shoot-em-up, based on the 1983 arcade machine "Time Pilot".

  • Pinball: Dev Jam

    Took part in a 24hr Developer Jam / 2016

  • Star Control Rematch

    Retro Remix

  • Lotus

    Match 3 puzzle remix

  • Highway Encounter

    Retro Remake of a C64 game I played

  • Bash Em'

    Arkanoid remix

  • Steel Assault

    Mobile RTS game Prototype

  • Land

    Real time strat, [project on hold]

  • Roids

    Astroids remake

  • Bob the Blob

    3D Platformer

  • Neurode

    Remake of an old c64 game called zenji

  • Godian

    Another Remake of an old c64 game called Sentinel. A 3D puzzle game